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Grace UMC Community Garden

Grace UMC offers community garden space to individuals in our neighborhood. The church provides soil and regular watering. In exchange, we invite participants to give back some of what they grow - to a friend or neighbor in need, to the Piedmont Community Food Bank, or to another local organization.

Garden Guidelines

Please click on the link below and read the guidelines and expectations for our community garden. If you are willing to abide by these, please complete the application that can be found down and to the right. Prior to each growing season there will be a mandatory organizational meeting. Information on that is on these documents.

Community Garden.jpg
Community Garden 2.jpg

Garden Plot Application

Please complete the brief application for a garden plot found on page 3 of the linked document.

"Guidelines and Expectations." Please turn the completed document in at the church office.

If you would rather complete a paper form, please stop by the church office.

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